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Are Gutter Guards in Kansas City a Waste of Money?


Ads for installing gutter guards are in full swing in the Kansas City metro as leaves are falling and destined to clog home gutters. Gutter guards are sold under the idea that they “guard” against leaves and other debris accumulating in and clogging gutters, rendering them useless against their main job, which is directing water away from your home. Claims also are made that they mean never having to have your gutters cleaned again, or at least less frequently.

Oh, if those claims were only true…

Our gutter installation team has more than a century of total combined experience, so we’ve seen firsthand how gutters can either save or cost you money. When gutters are incorrectly positioned or clogged, water runoff damages your property. Water that is not properly directed away from your foundation and landscaping can cause expensive damage to your home.

Gutter guards are not the solution. They do not prevent all debris from clogging gutters, and in fact can create much larger water backups (and thus damage to your home) than if you didn’t install them at all.

Here is a closer look at why gutter guards are a waste of money:

They don’t work for the purpose you think they will.

Yes, gutter guards can prevent large debris from falling into your gutters. But now where does that debris go? It can remain on your roof, piling up. Now, instead of stuck in your gutters, the debris is sitting on your roof where it can damage your roof shingles, grow mold and add weight (especially wet leaves) to the gutter or roof edges.

They are expensive to install and add expense to when your gutters are cleaned.

Installation of gutter guards can cost upwards of $20 per foot depending on the type and installation complexity. For an average Kansas City home, this can amount to thousands of dollars for installing gutter guards.

You might be thinking the investment is worth it with the money you’ll save on gutter cleaning. On the contrary, gutter guards may keep big debris out, but smaller debris will still make its way through, meaning you’ll still need to have your gutters cleaned every couple of years.

When your gutters are cleaned, the guards have to be removed and re-installed, adding to the cleaning cost.

But, they look nice and add value to the home, right?

Gutters and downspouts can look nice and add value to your home, especially if you have seamless guttering that fits your home and is made of high-quality material. But, gutter guards? No, little to no value at all.

Gutter guards sit on top of your gutters, making them pretty much invisible unless you’re on a ladder. What can be seen though is the back up of debris above them, which is definitely not attractive. As far as value goes, you will find some contractors and home inspectors who recommend buyers immediately remove gutter guards.

Since gutter guards are ineffective and expensive, what is a better alternative?

Save the thousands you’d spend on installing gutter guards and hire a professional crew to clean your gutters. How often cleaning is needed depends on your environment. Homeowners who have lots of mature trees nearby will need to have their gutters cleaned annually. Homeowners that don’t can plan on gutter cleaning every 2 to 4 years.

The key word is “professional.” Not only will a professional gutter cleaning crew be able to clean your gutters thoroughly, but also, they are trained to spot any potential problems with your gutters early and avoid serious damage to your home and landscaping.

Invest your money wisely in hiring a professional gutter cleaning and repair company in order to keep your rain gutters in proper working order. The cost is well worth it. Learn more about Complete Home Concepts seamless gutters or request gutter service today.