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Are Fire Pits Safe? The Dumbest Things Smart People Do

Fire Pit

You’ve transformed or are thinking about transforming your backyard into an outdoor living room. As with many living rooms, a fire feature is the usual focal point of the space. With fire comes the risk for accidents and injuries. Outdoor fire pits are, in fact, safe. Just how safe depends on the installer, homeowner and those gathering round the fire pit. Fire pits are just as safe as indoor fireplaces if they’re used with care and properly installed and maintained.

Much of basic fire safety is common sense. For example, knowing what to do in the event of a fire-related emergency or personal injury. But another crucial part involves the fire pit itself. For example, your local and homeowners’ association (HOA) regulations.

Installing a built-in fire pit in your backyard living space most likely requires abiding by certain regulations, either your city’s or county’s, your HOA’s or both. Material, size, location and such might be stipulated.

Being smart by building and using your fire pit “by the law” will help avoid re-construction costs, fines and upset neighbors. If you have your fire pit installed by professionals, like Complete Home Concepts, they will know and follow guidelines, as well as best practices. To give you an idea of what those are, here are four of the most common:

  1. Install a fire pit a safe distance (check for local exact specifications) from the home and other structures and objects (sheds, fences, bushes, trees, and shrubs, patio and pool furniture, and décor) that are flammable.
  2. Leave enough clearance above the fire pit to allow for overhead branches and proper ventilation of burning wood.
  3. Check for fire pit proximity to property lines.
  4. Never install a fire pit where power lines run directly overhead.


Once installed properly and according to regulations, safely operating your fire pit is the second smartest thing you can do to avoid accidents and injuries. Here are five common safety measures to keep in mind every time you enjoy your fire pit.

  1. Remove any combustible materials and debris from around the fire pit before lighting it every time. Pay close attention to any leaves or other yard material that might’ve fallen or blown into it.
  2. Have a mesh screen and fire extinguisher (a garden hose and sand are handy, too) nearby at all times.
  3. Never leave a fire pit unattended until the fire is 100% extinguished.
  4. Keep the fire size in an outdoor fire pit manageable and controllable. Installing a gas burning fire pit helps ensure flames don’t get out of hand.
  5. Burn only dry, clean, and seasoned firewood, if using a wood burning fire pit.
  6. Completely new to fire pits? Read more safety tips from our pros.


A Fire Pit is as Safe as the Experts Installing It and the People Enjoying It

Unless you’re experienced, a fire pit usually isn’t a good DIY project to tackle. To avoid safety and liability issues, have your fire pit professionally installed by experts who have installed hundreds of them in your area and neighborhood. Complete Home Concepts has installed fire pits in just about every neighborhood in the Kansas City metro. We know all the local regulations and most HOA rules, so you can rest assured you won’t run into any issues in that area.

Read more about fire pit installation or get a free quote.

To keep you, your friends and family safe, follow general common sense fire safety. Our installers explain everything you need to know about operating your wood burning or gas fire pit. And, if you ever have a question on service, maintenance or usage, just give us a call. We’re happy to help.