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The Better Alternative for the Bath and Shower: Cultured Marble

Cultured Marble

Building or upgrading your dream bath? Then you have lots of decisions to make. And, one of the most important is the material that you’ll use for countertops and shower walls. There’s no shortage of options, but for the look, cost, durability and upkeep, the better alternative for bathrooms and showers is cultured marble. Why cultured marble?

Cultured Marble is Gorgeous

Cultured marble gives you a choice of various colors compared to natural marble counterparts. We can add specific patterns and veining during the casting process. This gives you control over the design and overall aesthetic. We offer over 40 color choices, updating these selections on a regular basis to accommodate changing trends. Each of the standard and custom shower bases and different bowl styles can be created in any of our color offerings with some additional special-order colors available.

Cultured Marble is Durable

Using cultured marble in baths goes back to the 1960s. Frankly, if not for changing décor and styles, cultured marble installed 50+ years ago would be going strong today thanks to its durability. Typically, homeowners only change cultured marble countertops and shower walls because they want to refresh the look, not because the material has degraded. Cultured marble is manufactured in such a way that it can withstand years of wear and tear if properly cared for. Really, the biggest danger comes from chipping, which rarely happens because it would take so much force. Small scratches can be easily fixed with ordinary gels.

Cultured Marble is Budget-Friendly

Compared to natural marble and other materials like quartz or granite, cultured marble is budget-friendly. In fact, affordability is one of the key benefits of cultured marble, which leaves construction or remodeling budget to spend on other unique features.

Cultured Marble is Simple to Clean

Unlike other bathroom materials like granite or real marble that require special cleaning products, cultured marble is easy to clean. Use common, readily available household cleaners on cultured marble surfaces, and just check the label to make sure they’re suitable for/non-damaging to cultured marble.

Occasionally, consider polishing cultured marble to restore a shiny and brand-new look. You can use automotive polish and soft cloth polish on surfaces. Since the surface is smooth, polishing is easy and effortless.

Cultured Marble is Stain Resistant

Makeup, hair color, nail and shoe polishes and more are bathroom surface nemeses. If you’ve ever been distraught over a stain that simply won’t come off your bathroom surface, then good news. Cultured marble is stain-resistant. Unlike other countertop materials, cultured marble does not allow stains to stick on its surface. Just beware of using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers that cause scratches and marks on the surface, which might allow stains to seep through.

Complete Home Concepts Stands Behind Our Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is manufactured. Due to this reason, not all cultured marble is the same. Some manufacturers do not provide a warranty. Complete Home Concepts offers a five (5) year product warranty that meets or exceeds ANSI, ASTM, NAHB and U.S. Government HUD specifications.

Visit Our Showroom to Explore All Your Cultured Marble Options

Complete Home Concepts offers and manufactures a variety of cultured marble and Granitex products. We manufacture right here in Riverside, MO. Bring in some rough dimensions and our knowledgeable staff can help you meld your styles with different types of vanity tops, or matching shower bases and walls. Contact us or visit our showroom today.